We offer guided tours with different topics in the museum and all guided tours include a tour into Rome X. If you wish for tailor made tours, the order must arrive to us in advance in advance.

Price: When ordering, with a minimum price of NOK 950, -

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School history

When did deaf be allowed to go to school and what language did they receive? Sign Language or Speech? What is best?

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Cultural history

Deaf is viewed as a disabled group in a typical perspective, but can the group also be viewed as a cultural minority?

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Tecnology history

Has technological development been driven by a desire to help or has it been driven by a desire to normalize?

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Tailored tours

The museum can tailor tours for visitors, if desired. It is important that such an order arrives well in advance so that the museum can deliver as good a product as possible.

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"Rom X"

Welcome to a quiet world! Can you listen with your eyes? Can you talk with your body? Here you will learn how to use other senses in communication than you usually do.