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The museum’s collections are registered in the database Primus and are continuously published online. This way of displaying their collections for the public, is used by most Norwegian museums.

Archive and library

The Norwegian Museum of Deaf Culture and History also has a smaller archive and library, which is open upon request. We have a collection of books from deaf school teaching, and some archive material. Our objects and photos are registered on DigitaltMuseum, a database that is available to the public.

Digital Museum

DigitaltMuseum is a joint, national database covering collections in Norwegian art- and culture historical museums. The goal with DigitaltMuseum is that the museum’s collections should be easily available to all interested, regardless of time and place.


Do you have any comments about the pictures; do you recognize anyone, places or events? Do you know anything about the objects in the museum; do you have a story to tell? Send us an email! We will accept objects and photos for our collections.

Only a small portion will be put on display, but everything will be preserved at Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum’s storages, and photos will be digitalized. Please contact us if you have something you would like to give to the museum and we will see if it can become a part of our collections. Send an email or contact us during the museum’s opening hours.

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